Sunlight: Kirli Tencere

For the digital launch of Cif Sunlight, we wanted to differentiate from the brands’ competitors and develop a unique strategy.

The Solution: We created a parody account on twitter called @KirliTencere who started playfully tweeting about life in the kitchen and its mess. Initially, the account didn’t have any links to the brand. It nevertheless became a Twitter phenomenon pretty quickly with its humorous tone, unique competitions and delicious prizes (like sending “sarma” to winners). But @KirliTencere had one problem: its dirt. That's where Cif Sunlight came into the picture…

Our strategy for this project was to create stories that would communicate the product’s benefits rather than directly advertising about it. That’s why our first step was to make sure that @KirliTencere was admired by its followers, who were made up of 80% women and 98% real people. Then the product was incorporated into the account’s activities and the followers were asked to save @KirliTencere from the mess with Cif Sunlight. The followers ended up sending thousands of tweets, putting the story of @KirliTencere number 1 on Turkey’s and the world’s Trending Topic list. @KirliTencere is still a twitter phenomenon but it is happy to know that when there is dirt, Cif Sunlight will take care of it every time.

Signal White Now Man Launch

For Signal White Now Man’s launch, the first toothpaste for men, together with Signal Marketing Team and JWT, we decided to take a unique angle rather than associate the product with health concerns.

The Solution: We built the project on the idea that men who have healthy teeth also have great smiles, which in turn have a huge positive influence on women.

We started by spreading viral films on digital media featuring Engin Öztürk, an actor with a great smile. The films humorously told the story of how a beautiful smile can make the impossible possible and melt the hearts of women. Engin Öztürk was then invited to take over the Signal Twitter account for a day, where he offered his smile to help the fans’ wishes come true. Followers had a variety of wishes, such as “let it snow in spring so we can have a school holiday”, “let my boyfriend propose to me”, “can you help me lose weight with your smile”. And Engin Öztürk instantly replied with a personalized video or photo. The phenomenal collaboration led to an even more viral project and #1GülüşüneBakar found itself on Turkey’s Trending Topic list, and became one of the most talked about Twitter Projects.

Happy Birthday Crate&Barrel

Crate&Barrel wanted to celebrate their first year in Turkey, and connect with its customers in an emotional way.

The Solution: We wondered "what if furniture could talk" and traced the journey of furniture sold at Crate & Barrel stores. And then we came up with the humorous and emotional stories about the lives and memories of these furniture now living with their owners. Happy Birthday Crate&Barrel!

Sana: The Star of Ramadan

For the launch of the new “Sana Tereyağı Lezzeti”, we built our strategy on the housewives’ need to improve iftar and sahur meals, to gain their families' appreciation.

Solution: In order to create a digital brand experience, we created a Facebook app called "Sana: The Star of Ramadan". The app aimed to create both awareness and trial for the new product. We first offered personalized daily recipes, and then invited the fans to share their elaborate meals prepared with Sana Tereyağı Lezzeti. This was another way to help them with their daily chorus and let them know they are the real stars of the dinner table.

Beymen Blender: Blend-it!

The Beymen Blender team wanted an innovative way to communicate with their customers and inform them of the new season’s trends.

The Solution: Blend-it! A personalized style-finder app.

In line with Beymen Blender’s cool communication tone, we created a style-finder app and asked fans to choose images that they liked and drag them to the magical “Blend-it machine”. Blend-it analyzed their choices and offered looks and outfits that matched their style along with a discount code valid on

Cif Sunlight Karaoke

Following the @KirliTencere Twitter phenomenon, our goal was to create another engaging project, using digital and social platforms, to increase brand awareness of Cif Sunlight and encourage its use.

The Solution: We formed a band with @KirliTencere and its friends, called “Mutfaktakiler” who sang Barış Manço’s famous song Nane Limon Kabuğu, with updated lyrics about life in the kitchen and Cif Sunlight. We then made an animated video clip, which quickly went viral through main digital channels.

On the second phase we introduced a facebook Karaoke App , allowing the fans to record their own versions. Thousands of fans sang cheerfully the bands song!

Instamag by Beymen

Beymen’s Marketing Team wanted to create a unique campaign , aiming to create buzz on instagram and connect with its potential clients.

The Solution: We thought that it would be great to celebrate the things that we are all “mad” about on instagram and join the organic conversation. So we kicked off the first crowd-sourced instagram magazine called Instamag by Beymen. For every issue, we announced a concept beginning with “MAD”, such as #MadAboutSummer, #MadAboutNewYear, #MadAboutDenim... Than we asked our instagram followers to share their pictures portraying the concept and get a chance to be a part of Beymen’s digital magazine.

Beymen New Years’ Postcards

For the New Year season, Beymen wanted to revive the tradition of sending postcards throughout Beymen stores and on digital platforms.

The Solution: We created a Facebook app where fans could design and personalize their postcards, which featured beautiful illustrations by Olaf Hajek, a world-renowned illustrator. With the help of the user-friendly app, thousands of fans digitally created and sent beautiful Beymen branded postcards to friends and family, wishing a happy new year!

Butterfly Day Masthead

Beymen wanted to increase their website traffic in a playful and engaging way using the “Butterfly Day Sales”, a discount offered only on the last day of the month and loved by loyal customers.

The Solution: A surprise Butterfly Day Sale offered on a random day, available only online that came with a twist. In order to get the discount, customers had to play a game on Youtube Masthead where they had to catch butterflies. Gamers who caught the butterflies were instantly offered an online discount code to be used at

Champion Pet ID

Champion Pet Foods wanted to increase customer interaction by helping them keep up with their pets’ vaccination cards.

The Solution: A mobile vaccination card called Champion Pet ID. The app, allows pet owners to track their pets’ upcoming vaccines and get notifications about essential dates. Champion Pet ID, also offers useful information on pet health and tips from vets.

Plus, users can have some fun by creating photo frames of their pets’ pictures and keep a visual diary.

Oh, by the way did we mention that it is the first app of its kind in the world 

The Gif(t) Catalogue

Beymen wanted to help their younger audience pick gifts for their loved ones during the New Year period and invite them to Beymen stores.

The Solution: A gift catalogue with animated gifts called The Gif(t) Catalogue. We chose gift options for Beymen’s younger crowd and prepared videos in gif format with a dust of New Year magic. And Voila!

Ulus 29: An Insider’s Guide

29 Group, with an experience of more than 50 years in the restaurant business, wanted to share their secrets about Istanbul in order to increase brand awareness among their international clientele.

The Solution: We came up with “The Insider’s City Guide by 29”, a mobile application that helps visitors to get to know Istanbul through the recommendations of the very best. The unique guide discloses the places that the 29 team and their guests’ choose to wine, dine, party, and shop. Its rich content promotes 29 Group’s restaurants and clubs along with other city delights, while offering tips and clues that only an insider would know.


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